Summer Recreational Soccer

The CASL Recreation Soccer Program serves children going into grades UPK-6th that are not playing travel soccer. Emphasis is on learning basic soccer skills and having fun. As this is a recreational soccer program, it is understood that players cannot make every practice session or game due to school, vacations, etc. Placement level is based on the child’s grade for this coming September.


Season Duration - Mid June-July

Games begin in mid-June and run through the end of July (weather dependent). Game times are usually scheduled at 6pm and 7:15pm (times subject to change based on number of teams and field availability.)

Annual Kick-Off - May
The season will begin with our annual Kick-Off Event held in May. During this time, you and your child have the opportunity to meet your coaches and receive your child’s uniform. Please watch for an email in April for more information.


Each age group has a Girls Division and a Boys Division.

This division is designed as an introduction to soccer. This age group will not have as many games against other teams, as the focus will be on learning and practicing the basic skills, while having fun as a team. Players must be 4 years of age by June 30th of this year to participate.
Game Days:
Tuesday and Thursday evenings*

1st-2nd Grade:
Emphasis is on learning the game by continuing to build basic skills. Referees make calls while providing instruction and guidance to the players.
Game Days:  Monday and Wednesday evenings*

3rd-4th Grade:
Coaching continues to build on the principles of the game with skills suited for this age level. The field of play is larger and the length of the game is increased. We continue to stress the importance of learning the game with Referees providing instruction as calls are made. Games are played on
Game Days: Tuesday and Thursday evenings*

5th-6th Grade:
At this level, the field of play is again increased and Referees continue to provide instruction with calls, however not as frequently as the players have increased knowledge of the game.
Game Days: Monday and Wednesday evenings*

*Game days are scheduled based on number of players in each division. We do our best to keep them on the days listed, but there is always the possibility of change.

Volunteer Coaches

All of our coaches are parent volunteers and we would love to have you join us. If you are interested in coaching or helping out on the sidelines, please let us know. You do not need to have years of soccer experience to help out. We provide training, guidance and assistance so that all teams and players are learning the same skills and knowledge of the game. With over 45 Rec Teams, we are always in need of coaches – please consider helping out.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available upon request. If you are in need of financial assistance please use our digital application to apply.

Applications are due by November 1 for Travel players and by March 1 for Recreation players. Late applications will be evaluated and will be granted based on remaining available funds. Financial aid is granted on an annual/seasonal basis and a new application must be submitted each year for Travel, and each season for Recreation. Financial aid will be granted prior to the start of the season.